Dear Players, Staff, Stakeholders, and Fans of Lugazi FC,

As the 2023/2024 season draws to a close, I am filled with immense pride and gratitude as I reflect on the incredible journey we have experienced together.

This season has been a landmark year for Lugazi FC, marked by historic achievements, significant improvements, and a few challenges that have only strengthened our resolve.

I want to take this opportunity to celebrate our successes, acknowledge the obstacles we faced, and outline our aspirations for the future, aligned with our vision and mission.

Mission: To develop complete soccer teams and players with the capacity to excel in the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological facets of the game at the national, regional, and continental levels.

Vision: To create and nurture a valuable soccer learning experience with a view to building a self-sustainable professional team with the capacity to identify, develop, and promote talent.

Our most significant achievement this season is undoubtedly securing promotion to the StarTimes Uganda Premier League for the first time in our club’s history.

This milestone is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and talent of our players, coaching staff, and everyone associated with Lugazi FC.

This achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering support and belief from our loyal fans, stakeholders, and the entire Lugazi community.

Securing promotion required relentless effort, strategic planning, and a commitment to excellence.

Our players displayed exceptional skill and determination on the pitch, while our coaching staff provided the guidance and support needed to overcome every challenge. This promotion is not just a victory for the team but for the entire Lugazi FC family.

This season, we embarked on an ambitious project to enhance the fan experience at our stadium. The construction of a new seating area in the northern stand has provided more space and comfort for our supporters on matchdays.

This improvement has elevated the matchday atmosphere, allowing more fans to witness and support our journey firsthand.

The increased capacity and improved facilities have also significantly boosted our revenue, which will be reinvested into further enhancing our infrastructure and supporting our team.

Work on the northern stand and other areas of the stadium will continue during the offseason. Our goal is to ensure that by the start of the next season, our stadium is a place where fans can enjoy every match in a comfortable, safe, and vibrant environment.

These upgrades are a crucial part of our vision to make Lugazi FC not only a formidable team on the field but also a top-tier club off the field.

Despite our many triumphs, we faced some challenges along the way. Our early exit from the Uganda Cup in the Round of 64 was a disappointment.

However, this setback has only fueled our determination to come back stronger next season.

We also experienced two coaching changes this season. We bid farewell to William Kyeswa in October and Richard Makumbi in April.

Both coaches made significant contributions to the club, setting important milestones and instilling a strong work ethic and dedication in our team.

Their efforts laid the foundation for our eventual success. We are deeply grateful for their contributions and wish them the best in their future endeavours.

This season, several individuals stood out with their exceptional performances. Samuel Ssemugugu finished the season as a contender for the Golden Boot, scoring an impressive 15 goals.

His consistent scoring ability was a key factor in our success. Goalkeeper Emuran Fahad won the Golden Glove, securing 13 clean sheets. His reliability and skill between the posts were crucial in our defensive solidity.

These individual achievements highlight the depth of talent within our squad and underscore the bright future that lies ahead for Lugazi FC.

This in no way diminishes the effort and professionalism shown by the entire squad and staff to ensure that they give us moments to cherish for our entire lives.

As we prepare for our debut season in the StarTimes Uganda Premier League, our goals are clear: to put up a strong performance that ensures we retain our status in the league, and to provide more avenues and opportunities for local talents to showcase their abilities at the highest level of national football.

We are committed to building on this season’s success by continuing to develop our players, enhance our facilities, and engage with our community.

Our vision is to establish Lugazi FC as a competitive force in Ugandan football and a beacon of inspiration for aspiring footballers in our region.

To everyone who has been part of this journey, thank you. Your support, dedication, and passion have been the driving force behind our success. As we step into a new chapter, let’s carry the spirit of unity, perseverance, and excellence that defines Lugazi FC.

The biggest message I can pass on to everyone involved with Lugazi FC is, “Success is not just about achieving goals; it’s about believing in the journey, overcoming obstacles, and growing stronger together. Let’s continue to dream big, work hard, and make Lugazi FC a beacon of inspiration and pride.”

Together, we are stronger. Together, we are Lugazi FC.