About us

Club History


Lugazi  FC is a football club currently playing in the regional league governed by the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) under the Buganda Regional Body.

It was formed in 2018 as a merger of two regional teams (Lugazi Nabugabo United and Lugazi TY) that participated in the same tournament in the 2017-2018 season.

The club was merged by agreement, with a goal of building strength through unity and to represent Lugazi Municipality as a geographical region.

With two administrative bodies built on a firm foundation coming together, the team has anchored its spirit on six core values of: Diversity, Integrity, Accountability, Fun, Innovation, and Team Work.

We envision creating and nurturing a valuable soccer learning experience with a mission of building a self-sustainable Professional Soccer team with Capacity to Identify, Develop and Promote Talent.

Our major aim is to take Lugazi back to the top flight league (Uganda Premier league), like we have been represented by SCOUL FC and Lugazi United FC before.

The Community

Lugazi FC has transformed the community by positively impacting the lives of young people since 2018.

Lugazi community is a geographical area located in Buikwe District which recently was elevated to a Municipal status.

The club delivers sports activities, fun, entertainment, social and welfare programs that gainfully engage a wide demographic of the community dwellers.

The Academy

The Academy which is part of the Lugazi FC grand vision was founded with the aim of supporting the youths through sports.

The academy setup is premised on feeding Lugazi FC, among other duties, which it’s doing through mobilization of young sportsmen to join the club.

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